Nesian Mystik is the multi-award winning explosive success story in New Zealand music. Along with holding down the record for the most top ten hits (Eleven), they are the number one selling poly-urban infused hip-hop and r’n’b/soul sensation that unite a remarkable diversity of the South Pacific (Polynesia). Up front on the raps are Sabre, Oldwun and Junz. Awa sings the soulful hooks and melodies while Demon Finguz jams on his guitar and sings backing vocals and DJ Notiq mixes the beats from his decks and serato scratch live. Their lyrical themes are conscious and proud. They sing about what’s close to them, drawing on their cultures, families and friends for inspiration, as well as the timeless topic of going out and having fun and their humorous take on Hip-Hop culture.

Nesian Mystik has received the following:

MTV Awards Music Australia 2009

Best Kiwi

Pacific Music Awards

Best Pacific Urban Artist

Best Pacific Group

Best Pacific Music Album

Best Song

Juice TV Awards

Best Hip Hop Video x 2

APRA Silver Scroll Award 

Song of the year

NZ Music Awards “Tui” 

Best Pacific Album

Best Urban Album

The People’s Choice

NZ Entertainment Awards 

Entertainers of the Year

Bfm Awards 

Best Urban Album

Maori Music Awards

Best Maori Pop Artist or Artists

Best Maori Urban Artist or Artists Award

Best Maori Song

Best Maori Songwriter












Nesian Mystik

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